Culture of Safety

Safety is simply a part of the culture at G&G Builders. We believe in it, invest in it, and take pride in it. Safety training and education, independent monitoring, LEAD drug free standards, and quantified safety goals are all part of G&G Builders’ daily life.

G&G Builders’ safety program has brought recognition by the Contractors Association of West Virginia and the Associated General Contractors of America, but more importantly it is recognized among our Team as the #1 tool by which we remain Steps above the Standard.

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500 Corporate Centre Drive
Ste 550 Scott Depot
WV 25560
Phone: 304.757.9196
Contractor's License #: WV001272

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The result of over 35 years of hard work, attention to detail and an intricate appreciation for customer service, G&G Builders stands strong and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, with the same passion for contruction that has made this West Virginia company the success it is today. Read More

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