Hospital Constructing and Expanding ICU

TEAYS VALLEY, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A major expansion is underway at a hospital that was at one time just a tiny medical center. CAMC Teays Valley Hospital is spending $3.7 million to add a brand new, state-of-the-art intensive care unit. Hospital President and CEO Randy Hodges tells there will be eight private rooms for patients, up to 10 new beds and even expanded office space.


“The number of patients we’re treating continues to grow,” Randy Hodges said.


“We have an excellent clinical staff here at this hospital. We have excellent physicians. The people that use us are starting to see that, and they’re starting to use us more and more.”


Since 2006, when CAMC Teays Valley bought the medical center, officials pledged to make the necessary repairs, upgrades and expansions based on the need. Most all of the electronic equipment and monitoring has been upgraded or replaced with the latest digital and technologically advances tools. There was a recent overhaul to the electric in the building, including the addition of a back-up generator after summer storms knocked out the power for several days in 2012. The bricks and mortar are being laid, with hopes of completion by early fall. Hodges says the transition should be complete and the new ICU will be fully functional by the end of October.


“It’s exciting because I actually grew up in Putnam County,” Hodges said.


“I was born in Putnam County, lived here all my life and to me it’s very exciting to have a hospital that provides the caliber of services that we offer here to my friends, family, neighbors that live in this community.”


The existing ICU would then provide more space for surgery rooms. Additional operating equipment also may be added. Hodges says the patients will receive the same care they get from hospitals in Huntington or Charleston, except it’s in their backyard. Keep clicking on for the latest information.