Construction Manager

In the role of construction project manager, G&G Builders Inc. provides a full range of services to assist clients during the planning, design build, and construction phases of projects. G&G has provided construction management services for a wide variety of clients and project types, including office/corporate, educational, healthcare, sports, residential, and industrial projects.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Assign project manager to team
  • Analysis of cost of different material and construction schemes
  • Review design specifications and make recommendations on:
    • constructability
    • material durability
    • operating costs
    • maintenance costs
  • Perform value engineering
  • Prepare schedule and provide review of feasibility
  • Estimate construction cost
  • Review drawings for clarity, completeness and constructability
  • Identify and order, if necessary, long-lead-time materials

Bidding Services

  • Prequalify trade contractors
  • Prepare and review bid packages for different trades
  • Promote project with the trades
  • Check references and financial capability of low bidders
  • Recommend trade contractors based on bids and qualifications
  • Perform additional value engineering to control project cost

Construction Services

  • Assign full-time field manager
  • Check shop drawings
  • Verify insurance of trade contractors
  • Schedule and coordinate all trades
  • Implement and ensure compliance with safety program
  • Monitor manpower to assure timely completion
  • Monitor and report on job progress
  • Conduct regular progress meetings
  • Update schedules monthly
  • Review trade contractor billings for accuracy and recommend for payment
  • Review all change orders
  • Review work in progress for compliance with specifications and drawings
  • Maintain current as-built drawings
  • Assist in development of punch list
  • Assure completion of punch list in timely fashion
  • Provide and implement one-year warranty to owner
  • Assist in transfer of building to owner’s personnel