Design Build

Design Build is a method of building in which both the design and construction are contracted and controlled from one source – the Design-Builder. This method allows for more organization because there’s one single point of accountability. Because of this, the client has more say in the project.

Design-Build is the most effective construction project management method in the areas of cost, design and project schedule, and it is definitely the fastest means to implement a project. For projects like the Running Right Leadership Academy built for Alpha Natural Resources, which have time sensitive deadlines, G & G Builders is able to use Design-Build to “exceed expectations.”

Design-Build represents the ultimate team approach to construction. As the Design-Builder and leader for construction project manager, G&G Builders Inc. will work together with the Owner, Architect and/or Designers from the word “Go” and take the conception of a job to occupancy.

G & G’s experience provides the ability to consider different structural components and architectural elements and their impact on a project’s budget and schedule. We will review all the alternatives with the team and implement the decision accordingly.


Our immediate goal is to:

  • Have an Owner participate in the development of the budget. This involvement provides an Owner the ability to understand the impact of cost as it relates to their facility’s needs.
  • Develop the design with the Architect and Engineer to best support the Owner’s needs. We explore the appropriate building types and materials that best suit the Owner’s budget and vision.
  • Quickly and efficiently create a set of plans and a contract that will allow a project to begin construction.