The result of over 35 years of hard work, attention to detail and an intricate appreciation for customer service, G&G Builders stands strong and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, with the same passion for contruction that has made this West Virginia company the success it is today. Massey Energy headquarters in Jullian, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant in Buffalo, West Side Elementary in Charleston, the South Charleston Ice Arena, St. Timothy’s in the Valley in Hurricane, West Virginia Housing in Kanawha City. All G&G Builders’ work…all Steps above the Standard…yet just a small part of the history that has defined G&G Builders and the relationships it has built. Today, the small business Gary D. Young and his father started out of their home in 1976 resides in the Teays Corporate Centre in Teays Business Park and continues to embrace his dream to build a construction company that values high standards, strong ethics and a love for seeing things built.