Quality Control

Qmax Quality Management Program

G&G Builders implemented the Qmax Quality Management Program to assure that each of our projects are managed in a consistent format to deliver a top quality product. Qmax is a total management system that involves the entire project team, moving in the same direction to achieve a common goal.

A team of specific G&G employees were selected to serve as part of the Qmax Quality Management Leadership Team. This group meets on a regular basis to discuss and implement practices that make our project run more efficiently.

We communicate the Qmax system to our project teams through the following:

  • Regularly scheduled supervisory meetings that address safety, productivity and quality issues

  • Nationally recognized supervisory training by the Associated General Contractors of America

  • Professional business coaching to improve communication and effectiveness

  • Drug free workplace program including company-wide drug testing

  • Employee apprenticeship training programs

  • Quality discussions at job site progress meetings

  • Weekly safety meetings with all employees

  • Qmax project reporting system

We take Quality Management seriously and communicate it often to our team. Our goal is a successful project and we work to achieve that success at all times. G&G Builders is committed to deliver a culture of quality, utilizing our history of construction experience, while focusing on continuous improvement.


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